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Ford Pre-Collision Assist

Ford pre-collision assist

Many new Ford models feature the Ford pre-collision assist system with braking support known as Ford Collision Warning. This system functions to keep you aware if it senses that you may crash with the vehicle in front of you. This system uses sensors to figure out if the vehicle in front of you isn’t traveling as fast as you are. Once that vehicle has been sensed, the system will send you a warning if you are rapidly approaching that vehicle. Red lights will flash on your windshield while an alarm sounds. If you don’t react, your brakes will charge themselves up and boost their sensitivity for improved responsiveness. This increase in braking power can possibly reduce the impact of a collision or even help to totally avoid that impact. Once your brakes are charged, a harder force will be applied so you can stop faster even if you can’t use all of your force to brake.  

Ford Collision Warning, Ford’s pre-collision assist system with braking support, serves as a supplementary driving aid and is not meant to be a total and complete replacement for paying attention and using good judgment in regards to braking. This system does NOT activate your brakes automatically. If you do not still use your brakes correctly, then you might get into a collision. If you feel as though your system is active too often, feel free to lower your system’s sensitivity. Ford believes that you should set it on the highest level of sensitivity whenever you can, but you can lower that setting if you have too many system warnings. You can choose from one of three available levels via the five-way control device located on your steering wheel. The highest setting of sensitivity will detect any stationary object near your Ford but a lower setting will lessen those warnings. If you’re looking to learn more about collision warning system featuring brake support or if you are having problems with your current system, then come into Boulevard Ford of Georgetown, your Ford dealer in Delaware, today and let us help.

Ford pre-collision assist

If you’re seeing a “blocked sensor” message populating your information display, that means that there are obstructions causing issues with your sensor’s radar signals. If you want to solve that problem, then keep in mind that your vehicle’s sensors are located behind your fascia cover on the driver’s side of your lower grille. That message could be caused by a number of issues, such as dirt or grime building up on the surface of your radar. If that is the case, simply clean that grille surface off and wait for the sensor to detect that it is not obstructed anymore. This process may take several minutes before the sensor realizes that it is no longer blocked.

Heavy rain, fog, ice, snow, or sleet may interfere with the signal of your radar as well. This means that your system is temporarily down, but remember that it will return once the weather situation improves. If you’re still having issues troubleshooting your system, bring it into Boulevard Ford of Georgetown, your Ford dealer in Delaware, and let our team take a look.

The nature of radar technology leads to some situations not prompting a collision warning. This includes:

Vehicles that are stationary or moving under 6 MPH

Objects or pedestrians on the road

Vehicles in your lane that are oncoming

Intense weather situations (see above)

Obstructed radar due to dirt/debris (see above)

Too small of a distance between you and the vehicle ahead

Very active driving, severe steering wheel, and pedal use

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ford pre-collision assist