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We are not just elated to be your Ford dealer in Delaware, but we are also proud to be destination dealership no matter where you are from, not just for local customers. Despite always bringing our guests prices they can afford and a wide selection of Ford models, there may be some trepidation about buying a vehicle out of state. The team at Boulevard Ford of Lewes is ready to address some of the most commonly asked inquiries so we can be your destination dealer no matter where you are from.

How is out of state insurance handled?

Make sure that you bring proof of insurance that is both state and VIN-specific. You also have to bring a license for that state and a copy of your state registration. These forms should be consistent with the address of your vehicle’s registration.

What if I won’t be back in my home state for a while?
This is a non-issue as long as your home state doesn’t require vehicle or emission inspections before the registration is complete.

Will I be able to title and register a model I bought outside the state of DE?

You can title and register the vehicle that you bought in your home state. Despite you buying your new vehicle from a Ford dealer in Delaware, you’ll be able to register and title your vehicle outside of Delaware.

Will I be able to register any vehicle in my home state?

Keep in mind that many states have unique emission requirements that are different from the emissions requirements of Delaware.

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Will I be able to handle my own registration and titling process?

If you are purchasing a pre-owned vehicle with funds that are immediately available, then yes. If you are buying a vehicle that is brand new or if you’re financing a model, then no. Lenders will need your registration as well as your lien record. The OEM also requires registration proof that matches up with the provided incentives.

How long does it usually take to register my model?

Every state is different when it comes to how long this process takes. State inspections, emission testing, various fees could make this longer than originally planned. Our goal is to always have this process wrapped up in 60 days or less.

Will Boulevard Ford of Georgetown ship my Ford right to me?

Buyers have to be present during this process so that they can sign the necessary paperwork and drive the vehicle from the dealership due to identity requirements.

Will the prices and incentives be the same as in my home state?

When you purchase a model from Boulevard Ford of Georgetown, remember that the price that is advertised applies to those that live in the local area. You might find that the model is a different price if you are not local.

Can I finance with my credit union or bank?

Certified or wired funds have to get to us before delivery. Letters of credit, drafts, or funds on hold can’t be accepted for out-of-state dealerships. Our financing department is ready to work with you and your specific budget to get you on a payment plan that works.

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