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How to SYNC My Bluetooth

Ford dealer in Delaware

Your Ford dealer in Delaware is ready to help you sync your Bluetooth to your Ford model. The Ford SYNC 3 is the most advanced dashboard technology ever produced by the Ford Motor Company. If you seem to have some problems hooking your phone to your SYNC 3 system, then bring your vehicle into your Ford dealer in Delaware and we can help you. Otherwise, follow these easy steps and sync your Bluetooth up today.

1) Turn on your Ford and radio. Then turn your phone on.

2) Enable your phone’s Bluetooth feature and ensure your phone is discoverable.

3) Select ‘Add Device’ on your SYNC 3 touchscreen. The name of any synced devices should populate that screen.

4) Scan for devices with your phone until you find SYNC.

5) Choose SYNC on your phone. If it requires a pin, then know that simple pairing is not supported. Use the pin located on the touchscreen in order to pair them.

6) You should then get a notification that your pairing process was a success.

7) You can use 911 Assist and automatically download your contacts directly to your SYNC 3 if you want.

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